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The trick is to differentiate between a left handed (2, 4, 6, ..) and a right handed page (1, 3, 5, ..) using the Left and Right ELP_Command functions. The theory:

a) To suppress the form feed on the right handed pages
b) Move both pages in the position you need to have
c) Setup the page size correctly.

Here is an example:

The A5 document was printing in Landscape, so in A4 the customer requested that the right hand page is on top, and the second page on the bottom of the A4 page.

The pure ELP_COMMAND looks like that:


; C1:R defines the pages 1, 3, 5 etc.
; A26 -> A4; D0 -> Portrait; PS0PL0 -> Set PCL coordinate system to 0,0
; N1 -> Ignore next form feed (From right hand page); C1:L defines the pages 2, 4, 6 etc
; PS4000 -> Set PCL coordinate system to 4000 / 720 * 2,54 cm from top
; PL0 -> keep the standard left margin.

Note: Using the PL and PS parameter the 0,0 coordinate positions can be moved even outside of the page. If the data stream needs to be positioned not on top but in landscape beside itself, then you may need to move the origin out of the paper, maybe like this:


; D1 is now landscape and the origin setting is really strange, a positive number moves the first page to the left, a negative number moves the second page to the right. However, you can position the pages where ever you like. At the moment ELP is not able to generate booklets for a regular print stream.
; If the pages are positioned correctly, but they still are on 2 two different paper sheets, you may have this problem.
; You also may use the C1:1 command to set certain settings on the first page, which will remain for all pages. For example the following commands are regarding the result identical:


You might even try to scale 2 A4 or A3 pages to the next smaller size using the keys.


; Scaling can be any percentage form 100 (1:1) to nearly zero.
; However the function is not guaranteed to work properly. On any problems contact the company listed in the info box of PPAdmin

; If you have your own forms added and they should NOT be scaled.



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