Allowing/blocking printing from dedicated application

This is how it works: convert.ini:


; Whatever you need

; By default never print


[Search for MS Word Documents]

; The command next line is subject to change. Please print with your driver

; into a file, read back the file and check the initializing PJL Commands

; for the proper search item. You may also add additional searches for other drivers etc.

Search_Binary=@PJL JOB NAME="Microsoft Word -

; Allow printing


[Search for PDF Documents]

; Search for the PDF header, here for version 1.3 and 1.2



; Allow printing


If you want to do it the other way round, allowing all applications except one? You have to do almost the same like above except switching the NoPrinting values.

A common case is allowing printing from all applications except Internet Explorer and MS Outlook.


  • If you need to use older drivers which do not integrate the application name, then you can use the same technology as described in the SAP job distribution sample.
  • As ELP converts PDF to Postscript by default, you may need to turn this function off, in case you print to a printer which is able to print direct PDF data streams.
  • To shorten things, put all 3 searches_ into one rule.
  • Another example using ELP variables is here


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