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Please find here the full description starting from scratch. However a W-ELP queue has to be setup in advance. If your configuration file convert.ini already has been altered just overwrite it with the factory version convert.ori provided in the Workpath folder, e.g. c:\ProgramData\WELP.

Steps 1 to 4 are explained in more detail in the Self training or even more detailed here .

  1. Develop the Letterhead with any [MS Windows] application and finally print the document page to a file, using any PCL5, PCL5e or PCL5c driver. If the Logo on the first and next pages have the same size and sit at the same position, print the letter head without the logo.
  2. Do the same with the logo.
  3. Start PPAdmin and choose ADD in the Macros Tab. Select the first print file and in the next step enter a unique number e.g. 5000 and as the description text "Letterhead company ABC"
  4. Process similar the with logo print file, maybe use 5001 as form number.
  5. In the last step enable an ELP_Command, using PPAdmin Control Center Configuration Tab .
  • Let's assume, that the data stream is processed through a special named queue, and all jobs coming through this queue are processed the same way. Otherwise generate a section where you Search_... for a special text, or where you trigger the function using the several AND combined Trigger_... keys. In the queue linked case click on "Add rule/section" and double click on the queue name. (At least one queue need to be activated) ->OK
  • On ELP start the GLOBAL section AND if the job arrives through that queue the this queue named section are always executed.
  • In order to add the function to the section, mark in the now opened Rule Assistant in the drop down menu the queue name based rule name and check the box Forms and Printer Management. Now the ELP_Command generator is opened.
    Additional commands can be listed by clicking on "?", the macro names through "MACRO DESCRIPTION". If there is the text "string" in the command line, please delete it.
    To define the command please follow those final steps:
    - Select "PAGE #" One  
    - Mark your letter head form number and click ">>" C1:1F5000;
    - If the logo is in a separate form, add also this form to your first page C1:1F5000F5001;
    - Select "PAGE #" "All remaining Pages"  
    - Activate form 5001 C1:1F5000F5001;C1F5001;

Close all windows and send the job.

If no forms are printed, then check if your data stream contains form feeds. ELP needs them for processing any ELP_Command. If they are missing, then add them automatically with ELP.

The table below lists the additional section for adding form feeds to a selected Row Number, see also: Insert Form Feeds into ASCII alike data streams

[Add FormFeeds]

; Set a section trigger to print line 64


; Add the form feed


; Speed up processing and prevent ELP to check for other keys then search and replace


You may extend this example to print the first page duplex and insert a second page with terms and conditions on the back side:


1. Open the Configuration Tab  
2. Double click the key ELP_COMMAND -> "MODIFY" -> "GENERATOR"  
3. Select "Page #" One.  
4. Open "Paper Handling" and select "Duplex Long Side", C1:1S1F5000F5001;C1F5001;
5. Click on "ADD FORM FEED" C1:1S1F5000F5001FF;C1F5001;
6. Select "Page #" Two.  
7. Add to that page the form 501 C1:1S1F5000F5001FF;C1F5001;C1:2F501;


Close all windows and send the job.


1. Open the Configuration Tab  
2. Double click the key ELP_COMMAND -> "MODIFY" -> "GENERATOR"  
3. Select "PAGE #" "All remaining Pages"  
4. Set "Paper Handling" to "Simplex" -> C1:1S1F5000F5001FF;C1S0F5001;C1:2F501;


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