Q: For check printing a potential customer doesn't want his signature form to be loaded permanently on the PC.Can ELP handle removable forms?

A: Yes! Generate the forms, logos, etc. using the standard mechanisms, but store them maybe on an external and therefore removable USB drive.

Delete the original form(s) in the ELP workpath folder.

Generate a Trigger or search section for example like this, where the forms are searched:

[Search for check printing data stream]

; Activate only after the font OCR-A1 is used:



; If found then set the workpath folder to the USB device



Whenever ELP finds the texts in a data stream: OCR-A1 and MyCompanyName the working directory is moved from c:\ProgramData\Welp to f:\USBForms and the forms 5000 and 100 are used. 5000 could be the signature for example.


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