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There are only very few settings to do:



SNMP Retries If a printer is not reachable by SNMP, then try it X times
SNMP wait time in ms And wait this time in between the retries.
SNMP SBQ field Never change this.
SNMP Edit Opens Excel database and displays all available printers and manufacturers
Tables Do never change
PJL ports to try*

Here you can add all port numbers, which ELP will try, if PJL mode was selected in the main menue.
The default network listener port is 9100. However, if for example you are printing via a three port jet direct box, your port named for the 3 printers could be 9100;9001;9002. The ports have to be separated by semicolon.

PJL Tried connections  per port* A printer can be busy printing, ELP needs to wait until the actual job is finished to open an own bidirectional print job. See comment below for needed time!
PJL Wait time between* ELP tries again to open a print job.If PJL is used as well for collection the printers page counter, the maximum needed time for one IP address without printer is: Amount provided ports x tried connection x delay in seconds. So the default setting takes 75 seconds. Therefore it is strongly recommended to keep the evaluated address range as sharp as possible.
CSV separator char Separate char of the record fields of the result CSV reporting file, usually semicolon or comma
e-mail Addresses If FleetMeter is used in scheduled mode, enter here the e-mail addresses for sending out the result CSV reporting files.

* These numbers combined define the maximum time ELP waits and tries to connect. These limits might be reached if the device is either offline or busy printing or when browsing a range of IP addresses or if there is no printer at the requested address. The more tries are set and the longer the wait time is, the longer ELP needs for analysing each IP address, which was not found via the SNMP process.


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