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Unfortunately ELP can't be installed direct on a Windows 2003 Cluster server, but here is what you need to proceed, so all will work finally as expected:

A) Install the same PCL5 printer driver you want to use for W-ELP on each node and on the cluster.

B) Make sure that you created a spooler resource in a Cluster Group and make sure that once a node becomes active for the spooling process this node has access to a clustered disk where the W-ELP configuration files, forms, etc. are stored. In the following this clustered disk will be named W-ELP Cluster Disk.

C) For 2003 R2 only: Please update always to SP2. Also check the version of the localspl. The version 5.2.3790.4509 works fine. The Installation of Windows Security update KB2712808 changes the localspl to 5.2.3790.5002. Please uninstall it. After uninstalling it, WELP works fine. The SP1 version of that file localspl 5.2.3790.1830 does crash ELP as well.

D) The following procedure must be repeated per cluster node.

  1. Bring one node active which owns the spooler recourse and the W-ELP Cluster Disk.
  2. Start the registry editor and locate the cluster recourse for the print spooler. Here it's HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Cluster\Resources\535459d5-a58b-4828-adfa-9dc5513086f8

    Create a key welpprint with this values accordingly

  3. Locate the same registry hive as the clustered spooler recourse on your local system %windir%\system32\spool\drivers. Here it's 535459d5-a58b-4828-adfa-9dc5513086f8

    Create a subdirectory prtprocs\w32x86 within the 535459d5-a58b-4828-adfa-9dc5513086f8 sub-directory and copy the file welpprint.dll there (you will find it within the sub-directory %windir%\system32\spool\prtprocs\w32x86

  4. (must be only done once and not per node) Copy the files from the W-ELP installation directory to the W-ELP Cluster Disk (e.g. in a proper sub-directory like K:\...). Make sure that the users have correct file permissions (read installation instructions on a non-clustered Windows installation for more details).
  5. Start PPAdmin and set the paths accordingly, e.g. like:
  6. In order to activate ELP open the printer driver, display the enhanced tab, and turn off the Enhanced settings, then click on Print Processor and select welpprint. The way with PPAdmin Install tab is unfortunately not possible

Download ELP from here.

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