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The possible command line options of the W-ELP Control Center (PPAdmin.exe) are:

PPAdmin.exe [Switches]


/A Starts PPAdmin showing only the Archive Register Tab, more information and how to configure: Configure PPAdmin's archive reprint tool on a normal user PC.
/D turn Debug option on for /T command. Shows some information during development of your batch process.
/E Exits PPAdmin after /T command is performed. Even when the conversion wasn't successful. Otherwise on any error the PPAdmin main entry screen is displayed.
/G Start direct the Get IP Job functionality with the last made configuration.
/I Activate all local queues /I or "Driver name" activates all queues using the requested driver.
/P Start Fleetmeter with the last setting, and exit id option is set
/R Reactivates all queues which are listed in the section "ELP activated printers".
/T Converts a print file into a macro /t PrintFileName MacroNumber additional options are /D, /E and /W
/W# If provided a positive number in seconds, PPAdmin will try every second up to the # to open exclusively the print file for conversion. This overcomes wait to print time of other programs, maybe through the spooler.


Example for automatic macro file generation:

"c:\Program Files (x86)\welp\ppadmin.exe" /T "c:\ProgramData\Welp\test.prn" 1010 /E /W10

The switch /T will convert the PCL5 print file into a macro file in the Workpath folder. The created file will be named 1010.mac. 


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