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This window is opened, after the print or print / print all button from the Archive Register Tab is selected.

You may return to the Archive Register and drag and drop more print files in here. Maybe you intend to create a booklet. Any other file from other applications like Explorer can be dropped in as well.

The options of this print window are:


Number of copies several selected jobs are printed in sets, so the first copy of the first job, then the first copy of the second job, ... second copy first job... .
Print as single jobs Let's say you have 2 jobs with 3 copies, so in the outgoing queue of the selected printer you will have 6 jobs: 1, 2, 1, 2, 1 and 2
Print copies in one job Same example will result in 3 jobs in the out queue. 12, 12 and 12
All together in one job: Same example will result in 1 job in the out queue. 121212. Nobody can interfere with another job in between.
Delete jobs after printing If the files should be deleted after being sent to the out queue, mark this option.

With those limitations, you can even staple the jobs. Therefore the previous ways of printing play a big role.

  • Do not use a stapling command within the archived jobs.
  • Do not use out tray commands, as the pages might be drawn from the incorrect tray.
  • Currently only one staple command of the LaserJet 9000/9500 series printers is implemented. If you need other models or brands supported, please let us know, or use an ELP process to apply.
  • The different printing methods do apply. Depending on the selected mode, you may staple every job, every copy or all jobs from all copies.
Pages from / to

You may enter the page numbers from and to for narrowing down the printed part of the document, copy or even the whole document. Same limitations apply as for stapling.

3 Jobs each with 5 pages are in the list, page selections is made from page 2 to 3 and they are printed
- As single jobs: Then from job 1, 2 and 3 always page 2 and 3 are printed
- As a copy or all in one job: Only page 2 and 3 from the first job is printed

3 Jobs with each 5 pages, selection is made from page 2 to 3 and they are printed with copy factor 2.
- As single jobs: Then from job 1, 2 and 3 always page 2 and 3 are printed, copy 1 and 2
- As a copy job: Only page 2 and 3 from the first job is printed, two times
- All as one job: Only page 2 and 3 from the first job is printed, one time

Print Jobs After having selected a job, it can be moved up and down in the print list, or with X simply deleted from the list.
Delete all Deletes the print jobs form the list
The printing position of the print files in that list can be changed by making one file and:
A) move it up or down in the list clicking on the arrow icons
B) Remove it form the list by clicking on the X icon
Select printers You may select any destination queue for printing. Be careful using an ELP activated queue, as then the process may restart from the beginning. Or, have a look into the manual and find the rule to apply, that those files are kept unchanged.
File Manager As indicated above, you may use the File Manager to drag and drop other print files into the list.
Configuration Select a print file first, then select a configuration to apply the configuration. This function does ticket a job, using a predefined ELP_Command set.
If you select one or more configurations, the jobs can only be printed on queues which are enabled for W-ELP printing. Each job will be printed as a single file. Therefore most of the options are automatically deactivated.
Clear selection Removes a configuration.



  • You are able to resend the jobs to any ELP activated queue, especially for using the ticketing option. But if the jobs are already as they have to be and should not be changed, you can send them to any other non ELP activated queue. This is why the ELP Control Center shows all printers for selection.
  • I you intend to send the final ELP archived files again to an ELP enabled queue and you do not want to let ELP do any changes on the print stream, ask your Administrator to setup ELP like that:

[Do passthrough archive print jobs]


  • For convenience the ELP Control Center offers the ability to staple the selected job/s. But as indicated above there are some rules, and if they do not apply, please resend the job through a pre-configured ELP process.


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