This service is replaced with Safe Monitored Printing and it is no longer supported but provided as-is.

The ELP-Queue-Control Service is a Windows Service (formally tested XP) which runs in the background on a server or PC. This Service gives the opportunity to monitor all local printer queues on this machine.

If one of the monitored print jobs is waiting too long to start printing, the ELP-Queue-Control Service can

  • notify the owner or the administrator that his print job hasn't started printing yet and ask for patience.
  • delete the job, on request the job can also be archived before deleting it from the queue, and sent a notification.
  • send the waiting job to another queue, and sent optional information.

The automatic notifications are sent via:

  • e-mail
  • Net messaging

The ELP-Queue-Control Center is part of the ELP Control Center software. It gives also a nice overview of all available queues and their status and displays some further information like printer description and location.

All other information can be found in the manual located in folder .\manuals within the W-ELP Program installation path.