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ELP has build in a report line generator. With its help you can put gray or black lines behind your report. The line distance, level of gray, the thickness are only some parameters that can be applied.

There are 2 settings to be done in order to use the ELP function.

1. Ini-file key: ReportLines.


Item Units Decription
StartPos Dezidots Position from the top (left for direction 90) page, where the top left corner of the first line is printed.
If the PCL coordinate systeme is moves, negative values are allowed! .
Distance Dezidots Distance from line to line. Default 240 = 6 lpi
If value is native the lines are printed up the printing direction
Height Dezidots Thickness of the line. Default 120 = 6 lpi
#Lines Number Any positive number of lines, The command is ignored, if the value is zero or less
Gray level -1 .. 100 Default 0, which leads into the best results.
0 and -1, which is a little darker, use special generated gray pattern for best quality. The printer needs to be set to a resolution of minimum 600dpi.
If you print in 300 dpi, then use any printer build in gray level between 1 and 100. Please note, that some printers have only 8 gray levels, so the values you may use are: 2, 5, 15, 25, 40, 70, 90, 100=black
Length Dezidots Line length, default is 14440 (20 inch, 50.8 cm). this is enough up to A3 and more.
For building up a right margin, reduce the value
Direction 0, 90 0 - the lines are printed in horizontal mode
90 - the lines are printed in vertical mode
Margin Dezidots Definition of the left margin (Top margin for direction 90)

Dezidots are 720 dots per inch, or 720 units for 2,54 cm.

2. ELP command L

This command invokes the generation of the report lines. The benefit of that way is, that ELP is able to address the lines on specific pages. For example they are not printed on the first banner page.


The most common printing methode for this kind of solution is a pure ASCII data stream in 10 cpi and 6 lines per inch.

[Plain report form]

; if form A

Search_BINARY=Payment Report

; put lines underneath the report


; which is the same as: 0,240,120,31,0
; start position is at 0x0,
; line distance is 2 lpi at 6lpi
>; line height 120 or 1 line at 6lpi
; print 30 lines which are in total 62 printing lines
; 0 uses the predefined gray pattern, best quality


; Pattern is printed on every page



; Set page to landscape (D1) and A4 (A26), ET; does
; embed the data stream in a printer job


; use the PC8 symbol set and Courier 10 cpi

ELP_Init_Job= \x1BE\x1B(10U\x1B(sp10hsb4099T


; Assuming again printing of text in 6 lpi:
; 480 first gray line is printed at line 4
; 240,120 every secondlien is gray
; print only 28 gray lines = 56 text lines
; use PCL gray level 5
; the left margin is 283 units or 1 cm.


[Add Formfeed on line 57]



Any other line distance can be achieved. Simply add the PCL vertical motion index command \x1B&l#.##C at the end of the ELP_Init_Job command. #.## is in 1/48Inch. So \x1B&l6C are 48 / 6 = 8 lines per inch.

The 10 h command in the ELP_Init_Job key defines 10 cpi, if you need more characters in the row, chane to and value #.##, eg: 12cpi -> 12.0h


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