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A section with that name is executed once ELP ...

  1. falls in pass through mode, maybe because of a Postscript or PCL-XL Job. Or also TIFF and PDF Jobs, which are not already converted to PS.
  2. is set using the PassThrough key into the automatic PassThrough Mode.

PassThrough means, that from that point on, no changes are made anymore to the data stream, and commands like ELP_Command on will not be performed!

To generate the section name, select in the Configuration Tab or in the Rule assistant the option New rule/section and enter the name into the "User" field.

Please note, that on PassThrough only very few commands keys are applicable, like In- and OutPort or In- and OutArchiveDir keys. Those keys must be defined before the PassThrough become active and even before ELP_MAX_BUFFER amount of bytes are read from the data stream.
If you still want to use different Search_xxx keys on the remaining data stream, then select in that section a new Inifile, directed by using the PassThrough section, or reactivated existing Search_xxx keys using the key ProcessSearchKeys.

When ELP falls into PassThrough mode, no Trigger statements and normally all search rules are ignored. Please note that some keys may then lead into wrong results. 

Call commands can be used until the last byte of the data stream.


; this rule is only interpreted when ELP falls into PassThrough mode


; Now all Search_xxx and OutSearch_xxx rules in the configuration file are still interpreted when ELP falls into PassThrough mode
; Otherwise a real passthrough with the exception of a. is performed.

You may also use general keys like E-Mail, Call and In/OutArchiveDir in this rule.

List of all automatic executed rule names

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