The idea is to have several queues, like invoice, delivery note, or person one and two, in order to personalize the forms and the handling. For example invoices need to be printed always 3 times, delivery notes only one time.

For this example you need minimum two queues on your machine. Both can print to the same printer. Therefore you may need to start the WINDOWS printer administration and add a new printer.

  1. Switch into the Install Tab of PPAdmin and activate a second printer
  2. Select New rule/section and double click on one of those activated printers. Return to the list box and open the new printer section.
  3. Like the previous example add now an ELP_Command key to the new section maybe this one: C1F500;

Now test your new settings by printing from your application. What happens:
On default the ELP_Command from examlpe 1 out of section GLOBAL is used, so your new form is merged in with 2 copies.
This default command is overwritten by the ELP_Command of the new printer section, whenever a data stream arrives at this queue.

See in the start menu -> examples the MS Word example Trigger.doc

For step by step configuration, see the self training here: Dedicate an invoice printing process to a queue 


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