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This page offers a collection of links to manuals. The full product for each supported platform can be downloaded from here.

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Those manuals are useful while installing ELP on

Linux, Unix, AS/400, AIX, Solaris etc.  MS Windows based systems
Linux Installation using the CUPS spooling system  Quick installation of W-ELP and first steps 
Using HP Dazel / HP Output Server OS  After installation of W-ELP, generate an own quick test 
X-ELP installation under Linux, Unix, AIX, Solaris etc. W-ELP installation on a Windows 2003 Cluster 
Installation under AS/400 and Novell Netware  Sharing print queues using TCP/IP services (LPR protocol) 
Installation and configuration of ELP for Ricoh devices. Theory of installation of W-ELP in MS Windows 
ELP Command Line Arguments Configure the ELP Control Center archive reprint tool on a normal user PC or on a Network drive 
  Installing 32 bit drivers on a 64 bit print server

This manuals are for moving ELP to a new workstation / server / PC, for updating and for uninstalling ELP.

Those manuals are useful for the enduser (left) and administrator (right)

Enduser related manuals Administrator manuals
Password Change or remove the ELP Control Center Password Get IP Jobs Register Tab Automatic receiving standard TCP/IP jobs with your PC/Server. Process emulates a printer.
Archive Tab Searching and reprinting from archives Generate an ELP usable form Generate and test forms within ELP
Job Ticketing See also our feature site here Frequently Asked Questions e.g. list of supported platforms, click on F.A.Q. in link list above

Accounting See also our feature site here

Archiving collect, store, reprint, Split files
FleetMeter Read page counters and display printer status of all your network printers (MIBs) Dristribution and splitting of jobs in various ways
Queue Management Manage print jobs Barcodes with ELP what languages are supported and how to change the bar code styles.
Direct Document Management Cover / footer sheets, chapter and copy printing Softfonts shipped with ELP (OCR A and B, Tax, MICR, CMC7, safety symbols, Euro, etc.)
  Unicode & Asian Double-Byte printing Installation and description what to do if you want to generate your own font sets
License Register Tab Change license for more functionality and the Feature Key Need help? How to get support! Technical support, click on Help Me in link list above
  The ELP Control Center Command Line Options for fast access for some functions
Overview General product overview on a functional base. You need internet access to show ELP Command Line Arguments for non Windows implementations
  Copyright, T&Cs and License Agreement
Self-training Easy way to learn fast, the ELP cook book. Filesender Monitoring [sub]folders and process incoming files to be printed, copied and other things.
  Limited Warranty, Trademarks Information about the limited warranty

PPAdmin can be localized or all texts can be adapted to your needs: Localization 

Those manuals are useful if you work with those software products 

Product Description
SAP and ELP integration  Explains how SAP can work with ELP, and gives links to further documents
MS Word Gives information about using the MS Word Print field to direct address rulesForms management and printer handling (ELP_Command), Split mail merge files 
Infor ERP LN What can be done if no trigger word is found.
Crystal Reports A nice way of detecting what to do
Other Software packages If you can't find a solution in the Examples Overview, then please contact the support address (PPAdmin ->License Tab ->About) for further help.

Contact and support address

Please open the ELP Control Center software -> License Tab -> About
or start the convert.exe software without any argument
or ask your system administrator