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By default W-ELP will use the PowerShell Send-MailMessage cmdlet to send e-mails. The configuration should be done using the "E-mail Call" dialog from within the Admin tab. The text based config file MailConf.ini which can be found in the Workpath folder (e.g. c:\ProgramData\WELP) controls the sending of e-mails and can be adapted e.g. to use other SMTP clients like the 3rd party Send-EMailMessage (supports e.g. oAut2), PowerShell Core or even the depreciated Blat utility.



Field name Value
SMTP Server The SMTP receiving IP address, server name or FQDN should be specified here.
From Address The e-mail From address should be specified here, this is the address used on all correspondence that W-ELP generates.
Admin Address Optional field: The To address should be specified here, this will be the test e-mail address that you wish the test e-mail to be sent to and - if left behind - from now on sending any possible issues which can occur during processing. This can be, for example, if a print job takes more time to process as expected.
Optional Parameter Adds any valid parameter to the E-Mail command line  cmdlet like e.g. -UseSsl for the Send-MailMessage or whatever.


If you need to use the depreciated utility Blat for sending e-mails please download the blat legacy package and follow the instructions provided by the ReadMe.pdf.


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